About Us

Mr. Joseph Maldonado founder of Siempre Ultravida is an accomplished Herbalist and Iridologist based in Florida.

Joseph Maldonado was born and raised in New York City and at a very young age he fell in love with Martial arts after watching Bruce Lee in the movie Enter the Dragon; he was ten years old at the time. So impressed with Bruce Lee, he set out to learn Martial Arts. At the age of 12 Mr. Maldonado would train all week long and spend his Saturdays at 42nd street in New York City watching martial art movies with his friends. He also talked to martial artists and questioned them on what worked on the street in real situations and whenever possible he would test what he had been training. Very quickly he realized that he needed to train very hard and take care of his body and if he took care of his body his body would take care of him so he could be at his best.  At the age of 15 his family moved to Puerto Rico. Being in a new place with no friends had him feeling down so he tried looking for a Martial Arts school but was not impressed with what he saw. He knew he had to stay active so he went to a local body building gym in the area. That sparked a new passion, BODY BUILDING!!

He trained regularly and had good genetic for gaining lean muscle. At this point his martial arts took a back seat to bodybuilding but was always in the back of his mind that he would some day return to martial arts and learn the art of his childhood hero Bruce Lee, Wing Chun. He educated himself in nutrition and supplementation and would read any book on natural health, nutrition, and supplementation he could get his hands on. Using his body to test what works and what does not. By the time he was in his early 20’s Mr. Maldonado had vast knowledge about nutrition and supplementation and a real passion for living a healthy lifestyle and being responsible for the one and only body you have in this life. From his late 20’s to his early 30’s he was focusing on supporting his family, not much body building and no martial arts was done at this time.

In his early 30’s he moved to Florida and met his mentor, Dr. Nelson Rios, who is a Naturopathic Doctor, Master Herbalist, and Iridologist. He is also a master in the art of Wing Chun (the art Bruce Lee was trained in); to say he was impressed is an understatement. Mr. Maldonado quickly started working with Dr. Nelson at his office in Kissimmee, Florida and also doing radio with him. Dr. Nelson had the most successful health radio talk show in Central Florida at the time.

The longer he worked with Dr. Nelson the more impressed he was with his knowledge on the body and what to do to create the best environment conducive for healing so the body would heal itself and function at its most optimal level. The testimonials day in and day out where amazing!!! Heart issues, arthritis, diabetes, weight loss, and even cancer, nothing was to difficult to tackle for Dr Nelson. After learning about some of the doctors he was trained by it was no surprise he was as effective as he was, he was trained by the best Herbalist and Naturopathic Doctors this country had to offer. He trained with Dr. Bernard Jensen, Dr. Joel Wallach and Dr. Helda Clark, just to name a few.

Dr. Nelson martial arts’ skills are just as impressive. After training in Muay Thai and boxing for many years, he felt he needed to improve his grappling in case he is ever taken down to the ground so he started training in Brazilian Jujitsu with Rob Kahn (who is one of the first 4 to earn a black belt from Royce Gracie himself) but his real passion was for Wing Chun. He learned the entire system of Wing Chun and made several trips to China to train with Grand Master Ip Ching and Grand Master Ip Chun. These two are the final authority on the art of Wing Chun living today and the sons of the late great Grand Master Ip Man, Bruce Lee’s teacher.

For the next 6 years Mr. Maldonado followed an intense schedule which show his passion and dedication. He studied and worked relentlessly with Dr. Nelson 6 days a week as to attain his certification as an Iridologist and Herbalist. After they where done consulting clients at Dr. Nelson’s office, Mr. Maldonado would go home to eat dinner, change into his Wing Chun uniform and would meet with Dr. Nelson to train Wing Chun for 2-3hrs. This was done 5 and sometimes 6 days a week.

In 2010 Dr. Nelson retired but not before passing on his 30 years of expertise and knowledge as an Herbalist and Iridologist to Mr. Maldonado.  Mr. Maldonado is also the first to attain a black Sash in Wing Chun from Dr. Nelson from start to finish. Because of his dedication and loyalty, Dr. Nelson held nothing back from Mr Maldonado’s training both as a natural health practitioner and Martial Artist. Since 2010 Mr. Maldonado has been on his own helping people live healthier lives. He has continued in Dr. Nelson’s footsteps and feels honored to carry the torch into the next generation in both the art of healing and self defense.